Custom challenge coins fast with no minimum quantity.

Custom Coins

At Your Door in 4 days

Free, Unlimited Proofs

Send your sketches and ideas and one of our expert designers will work with you until you are satisfied!

2 Day Production

Insanely Fast Production.

1-2 Day Production Time

2 Day Shipping

Free 2 Day Shipping to all 48 states.

No Hidden Fees

No mold fees, no design fees, 5 coin minimum

fiber laser engraver making custom challenge coins
Fast, Detailed, Custom
Laser Made

With high-powered fiber lasers, we produce challenge coins 10x faster, with 3X more detail, and without the additional cost of a mold. Not only that, but each coin can be personalized, adding a unique touch. This is the modern way to mint.

Don't have a design?

No problem! Reach out today for a free mockup!

4 Day Turnaround

That's how long it takes to go from an idea to finished coins at your doorstep.

We do this by utilizing lasers engraving technology combined with automation equipment.

What our Customers Think


Amazing quality and customer service! I designed this for my husband for our wedding and it was absolutely perfect!!! Would recommend to anyone!


The seller was very responsive and very helpful with the design process for the coin that I wanted to make! They made mock-ups of what I was wanting and also readily made adjustments after showing them to me based off of my feedback. Very prompt, very polite, the shipping was incredibly fast, and I’m so happy with the quality of the finished product! Thank you!

Nicole Gibbard

This turned out spectacularly; I absolutely loved the final coin and it's going to be a terrific gift. Thanks so much.

Donald Strong

These coins are amazing and the turn around time was great! I had a long engagement but didn't do any planning until the last minute and these saved me AND look so much more beautiful than the pewter ones I had originally chosen elsewhere. They all come with their own little fabric bag to prevent damage so all I have to do is put tags on them. Personalization is perfect.

Jessica Phillips

I got a custom design for my pirate royalty wedding and they’re beauuutiful! Seller was responsive and nice. If I need more coins I’ll definitely be back!

Alex Vincent

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