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Due to our manufacturing process which utilizes fiber lasers, we're somewhat limited in color options. As it stands, we can offer coins in black and the original color of the coin material. We understand this may not provide the range you're looking for, and we appreciate your understanding. We continually strive to improve our manufacturing processes, so please check back for any updates to our offerings.

No, all custom coin orders come with free design proofs and will be done prior to purchase.

That really depends on your usage. If you plan to carry your coins around frequently, we would recommend coins with a brushed finish. This type of finish is less likely to show scratches. On the other hand, while coins with a polished finish have an upscale, classy appearance, they are also more susceptible to showing any damage. Therefore, if your coins are likely to be handled less frequently, a polished finish might be the right choice for you.

Our standard coin size is 1.5 inches (40mm). We have determined this to be the optimal size for our challenge coins as it balances clear readability with portability, thanks to our laser engraving process. However, we do understand that different needs may require different coin sizes. While we can certainly accommodate these requirements, we would like to note that our guaranteed 4-day delivery may not apply. If you need coins of a different size, we encourage you to reach out to us so we can assist you further.

Absolutely! In fact, all our coins come with the standard provision of two-sided engraving. This allows you to customize both faces of the coin for a fully personalized experience.

We aim to be flexible with our custom designs, accepting all common file types. However, if possible, we prefer vectors such as SVG or AI files, as they often result in higher quality engravings. Don't worry if you don't have those; other file types such as JPG, PNG, etc., will also work for your custom designs. Feel free to reach out if you have any concerns or specific requirements!

Yes, you certainly can! We do permit customers to alter their delivery address post-ordering. However, please note that any address changes need to be made within 24 hours of placing the order. This is to ensure that we can make the change before your order has been dispatched for delivery.

Occasionally, operational delays may occur with USPS and UPS, or a package might get lost. If you don't observe any progress in your tracking, please reach out to us immediately. We'll ensure that replacement coins are promptly shipped out to you. Please note that for APO addresses, it can sometimes take up to a week for tracking updates to appear through USPS. We appreciate your patience and understanding in such circumstances.

All coins are shipped in plastic envelopes to prevent any damage during transport. For the carrier, it generally depends on the order size. For small orders of fewer than 10 coins, we typically use USPS, while larger orders are shipped through UPS. If your order exceeds $50, we ship with free two-day shipping. For orders under $50, many shipping options are available and can be selected at checkout, depending on your preference and needs.

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